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Christmas Stocking Feature Image

How to Make a Christmas Stocking

So easy it takes only paint, a sprayer and your creativity.



Spray your own holiday stripe design to create celebratory stockings in candy can designs. Painting fabric is easy using the Home Décor Sprayer.


Draw Pattern

Simply draw out your pattern, tape off and spray your desired colors in steps to create your own patterned fabric. Painter's cloth makes a great base and accepts color easily. Draw out your pattern with a pencil, ruler and rubber eraser. Tape off patterns where fabric will be painted with coordinating color.

Christmas Stocking Step 1

Spray the Fabric

Hang fabric on the wall and spray with desired color (we used Repurpose Chroma color by Cari Cucksey in shades of gray, pink and red). Spray fabrics in smooth, steady strokes one color at a time. Let each color dry completely, tape off and repeat. Remove any exposed pencil lines with an eraser.

Christmas Stocking Step 2b

Assemble the Pieces

Search online for stocking styles and patterns. Then, sketch pattern on craft paper and cut out. Place pattern over painted fabric and cut out design. Assemble stockings with a sewing machine and trim with felt trims and ribbons. Fabric can be used for pillows, place mats, curtains and more.

Christmas Stocking Finished

Enjoy the New Stocking

Enjoy your handmade stocking and display it on a mantle for all to see this holiday season!

Christmas Stocking Hung Up
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