How to Make an Acrylic Lap Desk

Learn how to easily bend acrylic material using a Wagner heat gun to create a uniquely shaped lap desk for your kids to draw on.

Need a quick and easy place for your kids to play with their favorite toys or to draw? This easy acrylic lap desk will take less than an hour to create using your FURNO 500 Heat Gun!

Materials Needed

Note: Acrylic generally comes in 18X24 sheets. You can use a circular saw or jigsaw to cut the acrylic down, or you can often have them cut it for you in-store!

Step One: Set up your work station and clamp your material.

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up a station where you can easily clamp your scrap wood to the acrylic so you can bend it in a straight line. I used a long and narrow box to hold everything up, then a long piece of scrap wood to set everything on.

Start by clamping a small piece of scrap wood on top of the acrylic, 3 inches from the short edge. In other words, when you bend the acrylic up, you’ll want about 3 inches of material underneath the scrap wood to become the leg of your lap desk.

Step Two: Apply heat where you want to bend the acrylic

Now, you’ll grab your heat gun and apply heat directly to the acrylic where the wood is clamped. I found that it worked best when I set my heat gun to 800 degrees and applied heat evenly for about 4 minutes and 30 seconds. You can simply set a timer to keep you on track, and slowly move your arm back and forth over the acrylic so that it’s evenly heated.

Do not try to bend the acrylic before it’s ready - if you still feel resistance when you try to bend it after the time, keep going for another minute or so! You can’t really apply heat for too long, but you can crack it if you don’t apply heat for long enough.

Step Three: Bend the acrylic upwards.

Once you can feel that the acrylic has enough give to bend, grab the end closest to you and slowly bend it up until you’ve created about a 90-degree angle. You can use a speed square to help you hold it in place.

Allow the material to sit in that position for about a minute while it cools off, and then you can un-clamp.

Step four: Repeat on the other side

Unclamp your material, flip it around, and repeat the exact same process on the other side to create two legs of the same length.

Sand down any rough edges created from cutting, and then you’re ready to enjoy it!

This is an incredibly quick and simple project, and your kids will find endless ways to use it!

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