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Kitchen Table and Chairs Makeover

Give your dated table and chair set a makeover using a Wagner paint sprayer.



Emily from Two Purple Couches gave her kitchen table and chairs a much-needed makeover using our Wagner FLEXiO 5000 paint sprayer. What used to be a nicked-up, outdated set of furniture now has a fresh new look in her kitchen nook.


Table Before


Table After

Prep table and chairs

This outdated set of table and chairs has seen a few decades of use, leaving it with nicks, scratches and peeled paint.

Prepare the kitchen table and chairs for priming by thoroughly cleaning and sanding them first. Deglosser can also be used before sanding to help remove high gloss finishes and help the primer adhere better to the surface being painted.

Chair Before

Select spray nozzle and prime table

Select the best nozzle for job. I used both the iSpray and the Detail Finish nozzles throughout this project. The handle of the FLEXiO 5000 makes it easy to switch between the two nozzles as you move from a larger surface, like the tabletop, to the more intricate spindles of the chair backs. Prime table and chairs with an appropriate primer using the FLEXiO 5000. Refer to the product manual for suggested air power and material flow settings based on the nozzle being used.


Prepare paint

Once the primer is fully dry, prepare your paint. For my kitchen table makeover, I selected a water-based ceramic paint for durability. This set of furniture sees daily use, so I need a finish that will stand up to our family of three.


Prepare sprayer for paint

Stir your paint, pour into the cup, and select either the iSpray nozzle for the tabletop or the Detail Finish for the chairs and table legs. To assemble, position the tube in the direction you’ll be painting. I was painting straight-on and downward, so I wanted the tube to face the same direction as the sprayer nozzle.


Paint table and chairs

Refer to the manual for air power and material flow settings. After testing on scrap wood, I found that setting the air power at 3 and the material flow to “heavy” gave me the coverage I wanted.

Turn on the turbine and begin painting. Work about 6- to 8-inches from the table and chairs, coating all sides and surfaces. Allow to dry per paint can instructions before recoating.


Clean sprayer and store

Empty any excess paint back into the can, then rinse and clean the nozzle with warm, soapy water. Remove all parts of the nozzle and thoroughly clean before re-assembling. Store the nozzles, handle and hose inside the FLEXiO 5000 turbine case.


More info

For more details on how to paint a kitchen table and chairs, visit Two Purple Couches' post: Kitchen Table Makeover.

Chair After
Products Used


Drop cloth or a Wagner Studio Paint Tent


Palm sander or sandpaper



Paint stir stick

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