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Shed transformed into guest room

Shed Transformed into Guest Room

Painting an entire interior takes a weekend instead of weeks on end.



An island shed is transformed into a pristine cottage getaway with some style and with paint wash using a Wagner FLEXiO 5000 HVLP home paint sprayer. A fresh coat of white gives this cast-off out building a new life as a relaxing oasis. The Wagner sprayer made light work of spraying ceiling trusses, walls and built-in details.


Washed in white

Transforming the Inside of the Shed

When interior designer Megan Whitehouse wanted to turn her former shed into an easy, breezy guest house, it needed a bit more than just a thorough cleaning. The interior got a quick makeover with plank boards to cover studs, and then a pristine white spray that unified the space and made it all fresh, inhabitable and cottage-quaint. Spraying from the top down prior to installing a laminate floor made it easy to rehab the space quickly.

Shed Transformation Before Painting

Ceiling Solution

Paint Spray the Ceiling Trusses

A closed ceiling would have confined the space and taken away the cottage appeal. Spraying the trusses added light and helped to clean up years of unpainted age. Spraying from the top down prior to installing a laminate floor made it easy to rehab the space quickly.

Shed Makeover 4

Choose the right paint

Light Colors Make the Space Feel Larger

This dramatic transition wouldn't have been possible without the right white paint.

Shed Wall after painting

Spray same paint throughout

White Paint for Reflective Lighting

Megan chose a bright white in a satin finish and sprayed it throughout the space. The painted ceiling allows natural light reflection and gives track lighting an additional boost in the evening. The overall effect is a bright, luminous, open air space.

Bedroom Shed Transformations

Create a bathroom space

A bathroom was Added

To give our guests their own space, we opted to add a bathroom to our shed transformation.

Guest Bathroom Before

Light and luxurious

We Used White Paint for the Bathroom

A new vanity base cabinet was installed and sprayed to match the sink. Once dry, the counter was reattached. A simple coat of interior white makes the one room abode seem light and luxurious.

Bathroom Makeover Shed Guest House

Paint easy

Save Time & Use a Paint Sprayer

Painting ceiling trusses is like painting a wicker basket with a brush. Time consuming! The sprayer quickly and easily coats all the crevices and crannies and provides a flawless, glowing result. The FLEXiO® 5000 puts the motor on the ground, so the paint spray gun is lighter in the hand and it had the right amount of power to make this job fast and easy.

Shed Makeover


White Satin for a Clean Look & Upkeep

A satin finish has a nice layer of protection for the wood, and it can be gently cleaned.

Shed Painting after


Primer + Paint for One Coat

Primer in the paint means it has one-coat coverage.

Shed Makeover After Photo


"This sprayer is transformative," says the happy cottage owner. "It turned a dingy out-building into a spectacular living space."

Ceiling Painted Shed Makeover
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