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How to Wrap Candles

Heat up your next porch party with some colorful and graphic pillar candles for decor.

What You Need:

Step 1:

Cut gift wrap or scrapbook paper to fit the height of your pillar candles.

Prepare for Candle Project

Step 2:

Heat the sides of the candle with a heat gun to just before melting point— about 30 seconds or so. Attach paper to the soft wax and smooth down the paper surface with a tongue depressor. As you melt the candle keep smoothing the paper with the depressor. Wax will coat paper and adhere it to the candle shape.

Heating Candle with Heat Gun

Candle Wraps Heat Gun

Candle wraps with heat gun

Step 3:

Arrange candles as a centerpiece. As with all candles, keep them within sight and out of the reach of children. Trim excess paper as the candle burns down.

Wagner Heat Gun with Candle

Candles wrapped with gift wrap

Wrapped Candles with scrapbook paper

How to Wrap Candles

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