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How to Paint an Interior Door

Doors can be more than functional - they can be colorful and inspiring works of art



Time and general wear and tear can take a toll on wood doors. With a few tools from Wagner, you can give new life to an old wood door and add a touch of fun to any room.


Clean the door

Wipe and clean the door with a damp rag and let dry.

Door before Wagner Makeover

Prep the door for paint

Use the Furno heat gun and a scraper to remove any embellishments on the door. The heat gun will remove stickers or paint with ease.

Removing stickers from a door window

Paint the interior panels

Mark off the perimeter of the door panel using painter's tape. Paint the inside of the panel with the SMART Edge Roller filled with a light-colored paint. Let dry completely.

Painting a door with the Wagner SMART Edge Roller

Paint the remainder of the door

Use masking paper to cover the painted-panels and then paint the remainder of the door in a darker color using the FLEXiO 3000 with iSpray nozzle. Let dry and then remove the paper to reveal.

Spray Paint a Door with the Wagner Flexio

Hang and decorate

Fill a basket with coordinating flowers and hang it from the door knob. It is amazing how much a fresh coat of paint on an interior door can freshen a space.

Wagner Door Makeover
Products Used


Painter's tape

Two colors of latex paint in a satin finish

Paint scraper

Masking paper

Damp work rag

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