Supplies needed to paint a room

How to Paint a Room Supply Checklist

You've probably heard it before: a successful paint job is 10% painting and 90% preparation. You will need more supplies than just paint and an applicator, but none of them are expensive. You may already have many of them on hand. Start the job the right way by gathering cleaning, masking and repair supplies, as well as items you need to work safely.

Drop Cloths and Masking Supplies

Whether you paint with a sprayer or a roller, splatters are likely to happen. Use drop cloths or plastic sheeting to keep paint off the floors and outdoor shrubbery. Fabric drop cloths may allow your plants to breathe better. For masking, obtain blue painter's tape – not tan masking tape, which can pull off dried paint when removed. You'll also need masking paper or old newspapers to protect areas you don’t want painted.

Cleaning and Repair Supplies

It's important to clean the surface you're about to paint, especially if you're working outdoors. You'll need a bucket, detergent, rags and sponges. If you're working outdoors, it may help to have a scrub brush attached to a long handle. A pair of metal paint scrapers – one 2" and one 4" – are suitable for removing peeled paint and applying wood filler or spackling compound where needed. If working outdoors, use exterior filler and acrylic latex caulk to touch up trim edges. Don't forget several different grits of sandpaper, including fine, for smoothing filler and scuffing glossy surfaces.

Safety Equipment

Painting sometimes requires reaching high areas by standing on a ladder. When using a stepladder, make sure it's tall enough for you to reach everything from approximately the second-highest step. To keep your extension ladder from slipping, get bungees or ropes and hooks to secure it to the siding and fascia. Whether you're working inside or outside, you should wear a facemask when using a paint sprayer to avoid inhaling overspray. Rubber-soled shoes and latex gloves provide traction and stability when working indoors or out.

Painting Supplies

Check the coverage specifications of the paint you're using to make sure you buy enough, and add 10% to avoid making extra trips to the paint store. If painting bare wood or drywall, you'll also need primer, or you can try using a product that combines paint and primer in one application. Available at hardware and big box stores, a paint sprayer will help to expedite your painting project. It's the only application tool you need, other than a paintbrush, for the occasional touch-up. Wagner FLEXiO sprayers have an adjustable tip and air pressure controller so they can handle paints of all consistencies. Now that you have your supplies and equipment, you’re ready to tackle that weekend painting job!

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