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How to Paint a Floor

Who needs a rug when a SMART Edge Roller adds dramatic design to a boring floor.



Brighten a dingy and dark floor with a fresh color and easy country pattern.


Roll floor in base color

Load the Wagner SMART Roller with the tan paint. Roll the plank floor with the roller, beginning in a far corner of the room. Paint the surface until completely covered. Let the floor dry overnight and repeat with a second coat. Let dry thoroughly.

Painting a Floor with the SMART Roller

Tape stencil to floor and paint with accent color

Tape the stencil to the floor using a low tack painter's tape. Load the Wagner SMART Edge Roller with red paint. With the stencil held down, roll over with paint.

Painting Stencils on floor

Remove stencil

Carefully remove the stencil revealing the design underneath and then let dry thoroughly.

Removing Floor Stencil


Repeat in a random pattern until you achieve the desired effect.

Remove Stencil

Marvel at your work

And just like that, you have created a fresh, updated look for those dingy floors.

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Products Used


Stencil of your choice

Painter's tape

1 gallon tan floor paint in a semi-gloss finish

1 quart red floor paint in a semi-gloss finish

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