diy resin coasters

How to Make Easy Fall Resin Coasters

Learn how to make easy resin coasters for the fall season using a heat gun! Create pumpkins and fun Halloween designs in the resin for a spooky twist.



Hey y’all… the weather is turning colder and before you know it it’s officially fall!!! Which means it’s time for a fun little fall resin project! Resin coasters!!

I went ahead and whipped out my coaster mold (the same one I used for these blush and rose gold coasters) and grabbed a few fun fall colors to make these coasters perfect for sitting under the changing leaves.

And since we’re going to add cute little fall sayings to these bad boys I just know they’re going to turn out amazing. This is a beginner level resin project so even if you’ve never used resin before you can do this! Let’s get started!


diy resin coasters


halloween resin coasters

Mix your Resin

Let’s get to mixing! For this project I mixed about 300ml of clear resin in a large silicone cup (if you need help with mixing resin you can follow my full tutorial on how to mix resin here)… then we’ll separate out our clear resin into smaller silicone cups with our pigments and flakes!

For this project we want about 100ml of bronze and rose gold flakes and only 50ml of the two interference colors. Pour the resin into the cups and then slowly stir the color into the resin. You should mix the color until all the streaks of color are gone. We want a solid color so streaks show that our resin & color isn’t quite mixed yet!

pour resin

Pop any Bubbles

Once all of your colors are mixed you can use your tiny but mighty heat gun to pop any bubbles that have risen to the top of your cups. Plus since we’re using a heat gun instead of a torch we won’t melt our silicone cups.

heat resin mold

Pour the Resin into the Mold

Now it’s time for the fun… pouring resin! Start by pouring a ring of bronze resin around the outside of your coaster mold then fill in the middle of each coaster with a clear resin (mixed with your rose gold flakes).

Then t’s time for the wow factor… take a bit of interference red resin and swirl it around your coaster (aiming for the area where the bronze and clear resin meet). Once you’re happy with the interference red go ahead and add interference gold to the mix. Then pass your heat gun over the surface to pop any bubbles in the resin.

diy resin coasters

Add Your Fall SVG’s

Once your resin has cured you can pop it out of the mold and add a few decals to the front. I cut these SVG’s out and grabbed a bit of transfer tape to put these babies on top of our coasters… hello pumpkin! How cute is that?!

Since these are coasters you can be done at this step or you can add a quick top coat to seal in the decals and protect your artwork.

adding designs to resin coasters


Once your topcoat has dried your resin coasters are done and ready for fall! Put these babies out and enjoy them all season long!

This sponsored post was created by Happily Ever After Etc. If you want the full step by step tutorial (or the free SVG’s) you can check it out here… or watch the full process in video form on YouTube!

completed resin coasters
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