Wheelbarrow Planter Garden

How to Make a Wheelbarrow Planter

Create a wheelbarrow planter by using a Wagner paint sprayer to elegantly display your summer flowers.

My husband has an old wheelbarrow he was about to replace because the old one had rotted through in a few spots. I intercepted that before it made it to curb and used this as an upcycling opportunity.

My goal was to turn this into a spilled flower garden. But before I used it as a planter, I wanted to protect the inside from further rotting. Especially considering that as a planter, it’ll be taking on a lot of water.

To protect it I wanted to paint it with a protective enamel made to stop rust. I chose the color brown because I didn’t want what was to become the backdrop of my flowers to compete with them. The first thing I did was to give the inside of the wheelbarrow a good cleaning and let it dry completely.

Wheelbarrow Planter Garden

I used my Wagner Studio Pro paint sprayer for this project. Using a brush or a roller on this wasn’t even an option due to the condition of the wheelbarrow. I set my sprayer on high-material flow, which is suggested as per the directions for oil-based paints. I did end up turning it down because it was a little too powerful.

Wheelbarrow Planter Garden

I recommend starting on the lowest setting and working your way up from there whenever using a paint sprayer. I had my adjustment ring set in the vertical position for this one and used a side to side motion while painting.

Wheelbarrow Planter Garden

Halfway through I flipped the wheelbarrow over to better get the other side without having to aim the sprayer up. Painting the wheelbarrow took all of about 2 minutes with the sprayer, which was a little disappointing because spraying is the fun part!

Because I used an oil-based paint on this project, I cleaned the sprayer by running mineral spirits through it until it came out clean. When using non-oil based paints I use soapy water instead. I let the paint dry on the wheelbarrow a full two days to be safe before filling it up with potting soil and flowers. I do love the added interest in our landscape now!

Wheelbarrow Planter Garden

Wheelbarrow Planter Garden

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