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Homemade Gift Wrap

Learn how to make homemade gift wrap to wrap your presents this holiday season!



Creative artist and designer Ellen McHale shared some innovative gift wrap ideas using the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer. Armed with flat finish red parcel wrap, stencils and her sprayer loaded with paint she shows how easy it is to create personalized gift wrap that recipients will be reluctant to open. The design possibilities are endless!


Invite your friends for some crafting!

Ellen suggests a day of making wrapping paper and inviting your friends to help.

Finished homemade gift wrap

Brainstorm ideas

Experiment with colors and patterns and use designs to wrap gifts, make paper ornaments or wrap books and journals.

Spraying Homemade Gift wrap

Tape down stencils and spray

Work on a flat surface or make use of a wall. Hold stencils down with blue tape and move left to right spraying the paper with a low and slow technique.

Spraying Gift Wrap

Let dry, remove stencil and embellish

Let dry and remove stencil. Wrap and embellish with greens and twine.

Homemade Gift Wrap

Have fun playing around with it!

Make your own patterns and mix and match holiday motifs.

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