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Office Makeover Feature Image

Home Office Makeover

Refresh a home office space using furniture you already have and some paint.



The season of change can be the perfect time to refresh a space. Decorator Amy Chalmers of the popular blog Maison Decor, updated her home office using existing flea market finds and furnishings from around her home. Amy's look has always been French inspired, but she was looking for a way to merge her love of natural elements with sophisticated filigree-inspired collections.


Paint the room

First, the room needed a new paint job, courtesy of Benjamin Moore French Canvas and the Wagner SMART Flow roller .

Home Office Makeover Step 1

A theme in gold

Gold is a theme in this revised space. Items were collected and sprayed gold to unify the design of the room. A gilded marble console holds an array of accessories topped with popular deer head taxidermy all displayed on a crisply painted wall. Gold, brass, reflective mirrors and shades of silver coalesce into a metallic palette that creates a rich backdrop for Amy’s hours of design work. The neutral palette keeps it all from getting too showy and overwhelming.

Home Office Makeover Final

Light fixture transformation

A sphere chandelier deemed "too masculine for the space" by Amy, was transformed using metallic copper paint. This spray job is "easy peasy" says Amy.

Spraying a Light Fixture Masking Off

Prep and begin spraying

Prep for the task by using low tack tape to hang a plastic drop cloth from the ceiling in a semi-circle.

Use tape to cover sockets. Now you’re ready to use the Wagner FLEXiO® 3000 with detail nozzle!

Spraying Light Fixture with Flexio

Rotate fixture

Rotate the fixture as needed while spraying.

Spraying Light Fixture Gold

Remove tape

Once dry, carefully remove tape and plastic sheeting.

Light Fixture After Painting

Cupboard interior makeover

Amy wanted to fling open her French-painted cupboard and show off her collections for a new look. The Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayer is a brilliant way to spray the inside of anything in just minutes. Amy used Pale Gold Metallic by Fusion to add shimmering gold to this simple cupboard.

Inside of Cabinet Sprayed Gold

Mask off cupboard

Mask off cupboard to protect areas you don't want painted.

Cabinet Makeover Before


Spray inside using Flexio paint sprayer.

Painting Inside of Cabinet


Spray in mere minutes...

Spraying Cabinets with Flexio

Smooth finish

...with no brush marks!

Spraying the inside of a cabinet

Closet doors

Paint closet doors for a stand-out architectural feature.

Closet Doors Architectural Feature


Amy began by taping off the woodwork and covering the adjacent walls with plastic drop cloth and the floor with craft paper.

Closet Doors Prep Work

Start at top of door

Use a step ladder to reach the top of the door.

Spray Paint Closet Doors

Spray your way down the door

Finish by painting the bottom of the doors. Within minutes the doors will be painted and become a feature of interest rather then just a utilitarian necessity.

Spraying Closet Doors for Flexio Pant Sprayer

More info

For more inspiration like this office makeover check out Amy's designs at her blog Maison Decor

Amy Chalmers
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