finished doll house

Home Made

Transform an old dollhouse into a beautiful holiday vignette.

Home Made

A snowy dollhouse makes a magical holiday focal point.

You Will Need:

Step 1:

If your dollhouse comes in a raw wood finish, spray on Zinsser 1-2-3 primer before spraying with the latex paint.

**Pro tip: Make sure to use cup liners to make switching paints a breeze.**

priming doll house

prepare doll house

prime doll house

With the spray nozzle set on the horizontal spray pattern, hold the loaded sprayer six-to-eight inches away from the house. Keep the sprayer on a medium speed as you glide across the front and roof of the house, repeating the motion from right to left until completely covered.

spray doll house

Step 2:

To get the rustic brown accenting, load a SMART Edge Roller with acrylic paint. Roll over the surfaces of the house and roof, and then wipe away excess paint with a dry rag. Let dry thoroughly and accessorize with holiday decorations.

touch-up with Edge Roller

wipe away excess

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