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finished doll house

Home Made

Transform an old dollhouse into a beautiful holiday vignette.



A snowy dollhouse makes a magical holiday focal point. Refurbish an old dollhouse that could use some sprucing up, or finish a doll house made of raw wood. Both will look fantastic after a fresh coat of paint applied with a Flexio sprayer and SMART Edge Roller.


Prep the dollhouse

Cover any areas, like windows, that you do not want covered with paint

prepare doll house

Prime the dollhouse

If your dollhouse comes in a raw wood finish, spray on Zinsser 1-2-3 primer before spraying with the latex paint.

**Pro tip: Make sure to use cup liners to make switching paints a breeze.**

priming doll house

Spray the inside

Spray in a smooth, even manner, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.

prime dollhouse

Spray the outside

Finish spraying the outside of the dollhouse, preparing it for paint.

spray doll house

Add rustic brown accenting

To get the rustic brown accenting, load a SMART Edge Roller with acrylic paint. Roll over the surfaces of the house and roof.

touch-up with Edge Roller

Wipe away excess

Wipe away excess paint with a dry rag.

wipe away excess

Let dry and display

Let dry thoroughly, accessorize with holiday decorations and display -creating a festive holiday scene.

finished doll house
Products Used


Wood dollhouse

Latex paint in a flat finish

Water-based Zinsser 1-2-3 Primer

Acrylic paint for detailing

Dry rag

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