Green Painted Hall Tree feature image

Green Painted Hall Tree

The after piece is a graphic standout in this fresh shade of green

Rather than painting a wall with Pantone's Fresh Green, why not create a statement piece and recast an old item of furniture in a bright new role? Set off from a neutral wall, this vintage hall tree in a sunburst motif gets a beautiful spray of paint that adds graphic style to an entry or foyer. But don't stop there - consider cupboards, bureaus, doors and even staircases in this trendy shade of green and express yourself with a bold and colorful style statement.

What You Will Need:

Step 1:

This shapely hall tree with a starburst design was found already painted. If your find is stained or finished wood, you must first spray it with a flat varnish to keep the stain from bleeding through.

Green Painted Hall Tree Step 1

Step 2:

The detail sprayer held the perfect amount of paint to completely cover this piece. We used 3/4 quart of paint in a semi-gloss latex finish. The sprayer nozzle has both vertical and horizontal settings to make painting the decorative elements of the piece easy and seamless.

Green Painted Hall Tree Step 2

Step 3:

Drape a wall with a paint cloth and move the piece around if necessary to evenly apply paint to all the hard to reach surfaces. This would be a nightmare to paint with a brush.

Green Painted Hall Tree Step 3

Step 4:

Once the piece is evenly covered with paint, go over it with an eagle eye to make sure there are no areas with light coverage. After the piece is dry, outfit the center frame with art that you love.

Green Painted Hall Tree Step 4

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