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modern barn door

How to Finish Custom Barn Doors

Learn how to finish, stain and seal custom made barn doors using your Wagner paint sprayer to provide a modern look in your home.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate! This month, we finally did something that we’ve been dreaming about for years! We built our own custom Barn Doors!


door before staining


door after staining

Create a Design

I had a design idea that involved a lot of custom cuts with our router. It wouldn’t cost very much money, but would take some extra time and patience!

creating design on door

Apply Stain with a FLEXiO Sprayer

When the doors were done, we were so happy with the design! We debated staining or painting the doors ahead of time, because we weren’t sure how nice the cuts would be, but when it was done, the wood looked incredible, and we knew we could stain it easily!

staining modern door

Apply Sealing Coat

The only way to get into all of those little groves without losing your mind is with a sprayer, lol. We used our Flexio 5000 and it worked perfectly! We sprayed from both directions to get every angle, We also used the Flexio 5000 to spray on the polycrylic afterwards, and it only took a few minutes to spray the entire door.

sealing door with poly

Enjoy Custom Made Barn Doors!

We are so happy with how these gorgeous doors turned out! To see all of the details on how we made these beautifies, visit our post and video tutorial at Love Create Celebrate!

This sponsored post was created by Love Create Celebrate

modern barn doors
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