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Everlasting Ornament Feature Image

Everlasting Ornament

Learn how to make an everlasting ornament using shrink wrap, a metal frame, and a heat gun to tie it all together.



Create this easy shrink-wrapped ornament that will last for years. You will need shrink wrap on a roll, metal sock form, packing tape, ribbon and eight foam ornaments.


Place in Metal Frame

Place ornaments inside metal sock form. You can get a sock form online at or similar retailer.

Everlasting Ornament Step 1

Wrap in Cellophane

Wrap with shrink wrap cellophane and secure on the back with packing tape.

Everlasting Ornament Step 2

Apply Heat with Heat Gun

Shrink wrap on low with the FURNO™ Heat Gun until plastic is tight and shiny.

Everlasting Ornament Step 3

Enjoy the Decoration!

Hang on door, shelf or window to decorate. This ornament goes great outside even in inclement weather. Store in cool dry place and reuse year to year.

Everlasting Ornament Feature Image
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