Easter Candy Wraps Feature Image

Easter Candy Wraps

Create fun Easter shaped candy this season.



The Wagner Heat Gun makes you hop to it with a clever way to present Easter sweets.


Fill tray with candy

Place candy on a bunny-or egg-shaped piece of wood or fill a decorative carrot basket.

Easter Candy Wraps Step 1


Wrap in shrink wrap found at the craft store and tape in place on the back using packing tape.

Easter Candy Wraps Step 2

Shrink heat film

Seal tightly in place with the Wagner Heat Gun at the lowest setting. Keep gun at least six inches from the warp to prevent holes.

Hang from a ribbon and enjoy!

Easter Candy Wraps Step 3
Products Used


Candy of choice

Piece of wood in Easter shape or basket

Shrink wrap

Packing tape

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