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DIY Wooden Trough Centerpiece

Learn how to create a DIY wood burned trough centerpiece with the FURNO 500 to display on your dining room table this holiday season.



The holidays are just around the corner and for many of us that means hosting tons of family and friends for meals! It’s great to get the whole family around the dinner table, but you want to make sure the table looks nice and seasonal for everyone. We’ve got you covered with the quick and easy DIY wooden trough centerpiece!


heating wood


trough wood burned

Build the Trough

This project is a basic DIY build. You can use single, wide boards for each side or glue more narrow boards together like we did. You cut a base out of plywood, two short angled sides with a bevel at the bottom, and two long sides mitered on either end. Then you just used a nail gun or wood glue and clamps to put the whole thing together.


Burn the Wood

The element that really brings this whole piece together though is giving it a slightly burned effect using the Wagner FURNO 500 heat gun. We love using the FURNO 500 to give a charred look to wood pieces because it makes them look really rustic. You simply move the heat gun along your wood slowly to get the desired level of burn. Then add an oil finish to pop the colors and some rope handles and you’re all done!

heat gun burning trough

Enjoy the Trough!

To see the full start to finish process for building and burning this DIY wooden trough with the Wagner FURNO 500 heat gun, please head over to our blog at Charleston Crafted! While you’re there, check out some of our other awesome projects as we show you how easy it is to try DIY!

This sponsored post was created by Charleston Crafted. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

heat gun trough
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