DIY Three Tiered Serving Platter

Create a DIY three tiered serving platter to display on your dining room table. Achieve this rustic finish by burning the wood with a Wagner FURNO heat gun.

The holidays mean visitors. Visitors mean food. Impress your guests this holiday season by serving some of your food on a DIY three tiered serving platter. This platter is great for showcasing several foods or serving foods and dips as appetizers. Learn how to build this DIY three tiered serving platter and how to give it a rustic wood-burned look with the Wagner FURNO 500 Heat Gun!

This is a fairly simple project to build. It’s made of only five pieces of wood! You cut out the base, wings and supports first. Then, you cut notches out of the wings and the base to slide the supports into.

Finally, you attach each piece to the supports using pocket holes. We also used a palm router to round off the edges of each piece, which gives it a more finished look. After it was all built, we added tiny little feet to the base.

We wanted this three tiered serving platter to match our wooden trough centerpiece, so we added a wood burned effect with the Wagner FURNO 500 Heat Gun. We love using the FURNO 500 to give the perfect light char to our wood builds to add a rustic flair.

The FURNO 500 has variable temperature and fan speeds allowing you to control the level of wood burn you get. We lightly burned the whole piece, then put a finish of cutting board oil over the whole thing to pull out the dark tones and give the platter a protective, food-safe finish.

To see the full process and the exact dimensions, for this DIY three-tiered serving platter, visit We’ve got lots of holiday projects and love using the Wagner FURNO 500, so you’re bound to find something you love!

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