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vintage playhouse camper

DIY Playhouse Camper

Learn how to create a large playhouse vintage camper in your backyard for your children that they'll love playing in every day!

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


We recently built a large playhouse in our backyard styled as a vintage camper for our children. It was a huge undertaking, but worth every second of effort thanks to how much they’re loving playing in it every day!



After building the playhouse camper, I knew painting it was going to be a large task. Thankfully, with my new FLEXiO 2500 it went incredibly fast. This was my first time using this new sprayer, and I was so impressed with how much lighter it is (20% lighter than previous models!) and how quick it was to set up and get started.

I started by painting the interior a bright yellow - my kids love bold colors and I wanted this space to reflect their personalities. I was able to get two coats done in here in just about half an hour per coat.

wagner paint sprayer in camper


For the exterior, I wanted a two-tone look so I had to tape off half the camper at a time. Again, it only took me about 30 minutes for each coat, and thanks to the even and consistent spray on the FLEXiO 2500 I was able to do both colors on the exterior with just one coat each!

spraying vintage camper


I was so pleased with how quick and easy it was to paint this entire playhouse with my FLEXiO 2500 - it cut my working time by a lot, and the finished product is so beautiful! There’s minimal overspray, too, which helps so much when you’re working with something like this that has some gaps in it!

vintage camper spraying


I’ve used a ton of different Wagner sprayers over the years, and I think I’m officially converted to the FLEXiO 2500 for my day-to-day painting jobs! I love how much lighter it is, and it did a fantastic job with the playhouse. You can see more of this project on my blog, Love and Renovations.

This sponsored post was created by Love and Renovations.

vintage playhouse camper
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