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DIY Halloween Mask

Behind the Mask Halloween how-to project

Whether visiting comic-con, a masquerade ball or even trick or treating for Halloween, with a Wagner Furno heat gun and Fosshape fabric you can create a stunning costume and disguise. Fosshape is a fiberous material that can be sculpted and shaped using a heat gun. Begin with a styrofoam bust (they come in all shapes and sizes at the craft store) to make the perfect form from sculpting a mask. This is an easy 20 minute project once you have the supplies.

What You'll Need:

Step 1:

Place all your materials on a clean, dry work surface. Cut the Fosshape to fit enough fabric around the face and sides of the Styrofoam head.

Supplies for Mask

Step 2:

Stretch the fabric over the features of the bust and place pins around the perimeter to hold the Fosshape in place.

Mask Step 2

Step 3:

With the heat gun set to low, hold it two to three inches above the surface of the fabric and move the heat gun across the entire surface. It will take only seconds for the fabric to harden the mask.

Set temperature on heat gun

Use the heat gun to form the mask

Step 4

Heat the fabric until visible shrinkage begins to take place. Do not hover in one place for too long as excess heat can discolor Fosshape.

Forming the mask

Mask forming with a heat gun

Step 5:

Remove the pins and take the mask off the Styrofoam head. Trim and add details with mini scissors. Paint the mask with acrylic paint and team with a hooded cape or hat to finish the effect. Or you can leave the mask white to use as a shelf bust.

Mask Final

DIY Halloween Mask

DIY Halloween Mask Pinerest

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