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bent wood twig wreath

DIY Bent Wood Autumn Wreath

Learn how to bend wood using steam to create a uniquely stunning fall wreath to hang from your front door this fall season.



Learn how to bend wood and twigs to create a unique bent wood autumn wreath for your front door! Create your own artisan wreath with freshly-cut birch twigs, a wreath form and some floral wire.


Prepare your steamer and bundle twigs

Prepare your Wagner Steamer according to the directions. This chemical-free steamer reaches up to 212°F (100°C) to easily bend twigs and small branches using nothing but steam!

Bundle some twigs in bunches of 12 sticks. Using smaller bundles will make it easier to bend each bundle.

twigs for floral wreath

Start bending twigs

Locate the halfway point of the bundle and gently bend into a loop, using the Steamer to make the twigs supple and pliable

steaming wooden twigs

Tie off twigs in a full loop

Bend the twigs into a loop and then tie off with a six inch length of floral wire. Continue applying steam for several minutes so that the twigs hold the shape of the loop.

applying steam to wood

Repeat and layer loops until wreath is covered

Tie the bundle to the wreath form, working in a circular fashion. Layer the looped twigs over the previously attached bundle until the wreath form is covered.

Hang the wreath on your door and enjoy the festive autumn-themed decoration!

Our 915 On Demand steamer has a new look and even more accessories! Check out the upgraded model, our 915e On Demand Steamer!

wood wreath on door
Products Used


10 bunches of birch twig ends (about 15 inches long)

Floral wire

12-inch wire wreath form

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