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Designer White Christmas

Create a dreamy holiday look with white.

Don’t just dream of a white Christmas, make it a reality with the Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayer and a gallon of your favorite white paint. We transformed a tiny outbuilding into a stylish Christmas cottage by spraying the interior white and then bringing in an array of sprayed accessories. The results are a pristine oasis for the holiday season.

White Christmas Intro

White Christmas Living Room


Shed before painting


Shed After Painting

Walls, window frames, ceiling and built-in banquet were all sprayed white with the Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayer.

White Wreath

A seashell wreath in natural was recast in winter white with a light spray of white latex. The interior (right) needed only one coat of Benjamin Moore Aura White to take on a luminous glow. Any wreath can be sprayed magical white.

White Christmas Table Setting

Spraying the walls and ceiling took only minutes.

Spray Day...Get Crafty!

Set up shop in the space where you are spraying and create all of your accessories with leftover paint. We use a presentation board and a paper-covered surface to create an instant indoor spray station. Baskets, birdhouses, ornaments and boxes for gifts are all sprayed a glowing shade of white. Layered together in the newly sprayed cottage transforms the entire space into the coveted white Christmas look.

Supplies for Craft Projects

White Christmas Crafts

White Christmas Decor

White Christmas Flowers

Deer Head White Christmas Decor

White Christmas Houses

Santa White Christmas Decor

White Christmas Basket

White Christmas Decor 2

White Christmas Decor 3

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