Deck Re Do with FLEXiO

Deck Re-Do

While Debbie didn't make a dramatic color change, the effect is definitely uplifting. A fresh coat of paint is like a clean slate and a most exciting way to begin autumn. The final deck will feel like new.

Design and paint expert Debbie Hayes gives her deck a fresh spray of paint to usher in the fall season at her North Carolina home. Being outside in the fall season is pleasant and enjoyable. We revived the deck with a FLEXiO 5000 to enjoy every minute of autumn's more mild weather.


Deck Before Painting


Deck Entertaining Area

Cooler Minds

A freshly painted backdrop is the perfect way to start a new season. Debbie cleared her deck and then used the sprayer to rejuvenate the deck flooring, built in seating and pergola style arbor. The Wagner FLEXiO® 5000 Sprayer makes it super easy to work quickly. You never have to thin the paint and the controls allow you to release the right amount of paint for the job. Debbie uses the larger front end for this project so she can spray for the optimum amount of time before refilling. Debbie easily mastered the low and slow technique making even horizontal passes over the surface at a consistent distance of 4 inches.

Deck Chair area

Deck Redo after

Deck after painting with furniture

Paint and Play

Debbie cleared the deck and pressure washed the area before painting, loosening and removing dirt and debris. After a thorough drying period, all the deck surfaces got a fresh coat of paint from the Wagner FLEXiO® 5000 Sprayer.

Spraying Deck with FLEXiO Sprayer

Spraying pergola with FLEXiO Sprayer

Having a place to congregate is what the fall is all about. Debbie spent a little less then two days freshening up her outdoor space to enjoy all of autumn's delights with friends and family. The FLEXiO® 5000 helped make this deck party ready.

Deck after painting with furniture

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