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Dated Teen Movie Room Transformed to Stylish Dining Area

Some paint and the power of the FLEXiO sprayer makes this room an instant design success. What do we look for in a room makeover? Ease! Picking colors, moving furniture, and preparing to reclaim a space can be overwhelming. Using a paint sprayer means the "doing" part of the project will be swift and transformative. As the paint on the walls dries, the light reflects on surfaces in ways it never has before. The effect is dramatic and airy and the room has been reborn as a new charming and functional space.

You Will Need:

Teen Movie Room Makeover to Dining Room

Teen Movie Room to Dining Room Makeover

Step 1:

First clear the room of all furnishings. Then use the 3M Tape'n Drape to cover the sections you want to keep paint-free. The lower portion of the wall was draped so the entire section could be sprayed in one work session.

Drape plastic on areas you want to keep paint free

Cover window trim to keep paint free

Step 2:

When painting a large room like this (three gallons of Pittsburgh Paints' Thin Ice and Hush in a stain finish paint was used), the FLEXiO 3000 quickly covers the walls with an even coat and uses paint more efficiently than a roller or brush. The coverage provided by the FLEXiO sprayer was excellent and the remarkable transformation from dark to light was nearly instantaneous.

Wagner Flexio for Painting Interior Walls Step 2

Wagner Interior Wall Painting with Flexio Step 2b

Wagner Flexio Interior Wall Painting

Step 3:

The chair rail was painted the same cream color as the top portion of the sheetrock wall. The paneled door got a brightening spray of light gray. The bottom portion of the wall consisted of cutting the paint in first from the chair rail down with a SMART Edge Roller and then finishing with the FLEXiO 3000. The window frames were a cinch to paint with the sprayer nozzle set to a vertical spray pattern.

Wagner Flexio spraying window frames Step 3

Wagner Dining Room Makeover

Step 4:

Scrubbed pinewood is all the rage and looks stunning in this modern rustic setting. The Furno heat gun was used to transform a white-painted table into a stunning dining room table with a fresh look and natural wood appeal. To restore a similar table to its original state, first set the Furno to medium. Gently hover the heat gun over the surface until the paint bubbles and then scrape the paint off the surface using a paint scraper. Then wipe clean with a tack cloth.

Wagner Furno Heat Gun Paint Removal

Wagner Furno Heat Gun Paint Removal

Dining Table Makeover

Wagner Dining Table Makeover

Step 5:

The fuse box was sprayed the same color as the wall and disappears into the design while featuring an antique mirror. The furniture was sprayed a complimentary gray which looks elegant against the lavender paint. The final stripped table and simple furnishings glow in the light of the room. It’s just that easy! Now you have a beautiful dining room to enjoy.

Fuse Box Painted the same color as Wall

Side Table in New Dining Room

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