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painted coffee table

Coffee Table Makeover

Bring new life to your outdated furniture by using a paint sprayer to apply a fresh coat of paint. See how it was used to transform a coffee table.



Something I love to do is make over furniture that might be outdated or simply in need of a facelift. Painting furniture is an easy and affordable way to bring a new piece into your home. Using a paint sprayer to paint your furniture is one of the quickest ways to get great results and I love using my Wagner FLEXiO 4000 paint sprayer for these kinds of projects. I am going to use it to paint an old coffee table for my living room.


Grab your spray gun

The Flexio 4000 is the perfect sprayer for this. With a regular spray nozzle as well as a detail nozzle it is a great all purpose sprayer.

sprayer adjustments

Choose your nozzle

 I like to use the detail nozzle when using it on furniture such as coffee tables or side tables.  I also love to use my spray tent, especially right now when it is way too cold outside to be painting.  

This tent is the medium sized tent and it is the perfect size to paint furniture pieces.

The first thing I like to do when painting furniture is to prep the surface.  You will want to clean it with a degreaser, and prep it by sanding it if it is needed.  You can add a coat of primer at this point if you feel that your individual piece needs it.  Mine was painted white already so I did not prime it.

I did give it a quick sanding and wiped it down well.

Once the piece is prepped, it is time for painting, the best part!

First make sure you have your safety goggles, gloves, masks, etc before you start.

spray tent and sprayer

Spray evenly

I like to spray one even coat of paint and let that dry before adding another coat. You want to keep your spray even and keep your wrist straight, use your shoulder to move the arm back and forth giving the surface an even coat.

painting coffee table

Allow to dry between coats and seal if desired

Once the first coat has dried, add another.  Paint dries much faster when using a paint sprayer so keep that in mind.

I like to let my furniture cure for 24 hours before using.  You can seal it with a polyacrylic if you so desire depending on the finish you are looking for.

I love how the coffee table turned out!

painted coffee table

Look at the contrast!

The black finish contrasts nicely with the white couch in my living room.

I would highly recommend the Flexio 4000 sprayer for all your big and little projects alike. It is a great all around sprayer.

This project was created by Twelve on Main. Head to the blog for the full post and details.

updated coffee table
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