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entryway closet makeover

Closet Makeover

Learn how to build, paint and install functional built in cabinets and shelving in your entry way closet to increase organization.

DIFFICULTY: Intermediate


Have a closet in your home that isn’t functioning for your family the way you’d like it to? Here’s how to take a builder-basic closet and give it a major upgrade so it looks better and works harder for you! This quick build can be customized to meet your family’s needs, and will give your closet an elevated, custom feel.


Cut and paint bottom shelving

Start by cutting and painting the wood for the bottom shelving. I recommend always painting all of the components for a project like this outside of the closet using your Wagner FLEXiO 3000. It’s far easier (and less messy!) to paint prior to installation, then you can just touch up afterwards!

painting shelving

Paint walls and install bottom shelving

If you’re working with a closet that hasn’t been painted yet, you’ll also want to paint the walls using your favorite sprayer or the Wagner SMART Sidekick before you start.

Install the bottom shelving by using 2x2 support boards attached to the studs, then laying your plywood shelf on top.

shelving unit with sprayer

Build a set of cubbies

Next up, you’re ready to build a set of cubbies. I used pocket holes and wood glue to put together this simple set of four cubbies - one for each member of our family!

Once this was assembled, I used wood filler and caulk on all of the gaps and seams, and grabbed my sprayer again to get it all painted the same color as the closet walls.

Install the cubby by placing it on top of the last shelf you installed, then using ledger boards in the back opening to attach it to studs in your walls.

diy closet shelving

Add shelf, hanging rod, wallpaper, and baskets

Finally, I added a third shelf next to the cubby and re-installed the hanging rod (after cutting it down to fit the new, shorter length).

I made things a little cuter with some peel & stick wallpaper on the back wall, some cute baskets, and some motion-activated lighting that makes the whole space feel a little bit fancier!

diy closet shelving

Allow this space to help organize the whole family!

You don’t have to keep living with a messy, unorganized closet that doesn’t help keep your family organized! Spend a little time planning out what works best for you and give your entry closet a new life - and a cute new look!

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entryway closet makeover
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