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DIY Coffee Mug Designs

Learn how to use chalk ink and a Wagner heat gun to personalize a mug with cute phrases and designs for a Valentine's Day gift idea.



Hi, my name is Ruthie and I blog over at Refashionably Late. I'm so excited to be working with Wagner again this month. I will be showcasing the amazing Wagner HT400 Heat Gun! There are so many things you can do with a heat gun. I’ve shown you how to make embossed bookmarks, how to make wood burned signs and this month I made personalized coffee mugs.


Imagine the possibilities

I have fallen head over heels for a new style of crafting! It uses chalk paste and silk screen stencils to produce beautiful chalkboard art. The great thing is it’s not limited to just chalkboards.

I have done various designs on chalkboards with chalk paste. This time around I wanted to try using the chalk ink on a coffee mug.

valentinues day coffee mug

Plan your designs

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought it would be perfect to make a little Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one. I used my Club Couture - Happy Valentine’s Day transfer with two mugs I purchased at Target.

mug heat gun project

Grab stencil and ink

To start, I wanted to make a very simplistic mug with only one candy heart transfer. I used the Be Mine candy heart with my Shimmer Copper Chalkology Ink.

chalk ink mix

Remove transfer from backing, place on cloth

First you want to remove the transfer from its backing and place it on the fuzzing cloth. This helps it from sticking to your surface. You can also use a kitchen rag for this as well.

transferring mug design

Add transfer to mug and smooth bubbles

Place the transfer directly onto the coffee mug while smoothing out any bubbles. It’s okay if there are bubbles on the outside of the design.

transfer applied to mug

Scrape chalk ink over the stencil

Grab your mini squeegee and evenly scrape the chalk ink over top of your stencil. Scrape all excess ink off of the stencil.

applying chalk ink

Remove transfer from mug

Slowly remove the transfer from your coffee mug to reveal your personalized design!

remove mug transfer

Use heat gun

Now grab your Wagner Heat Gun and turn it on the low setting. Go back and forth over your design until it is dry. This is a very important step especially if your stencil will overlap onto a previous design.

dry with heat gun

Make sure designs are dry

You will want to ensure that each design is dry before you place the next stencil onto the mug.

apply design on mug

Put mugs in oven

For a little extra protection you can place the mugs into your oven. Place it in the oven before you preheat it and let the mugs and oven warm up together. Keep it there for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and then leave the mugs inside the oven while it cools down.

mug in oven

Fill your mugs with goodies!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please head over to Refashionably Late for more DIY, Home Decor, and craft tutorials! Also if you don’t want to miss anything please sign up for my free mailing list. Also head on over to my Chalk Couture site for more information regarding chalk paste and chalk ink.

This sponsored post was created by Refashionably Late. Head to the blog for the full DIY craft project instructions.

finished valentines day mug
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