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Candy Ornaments

Any hard candy can be transformed in the same fashion with the FURNO heat gun. Use ornaments as table favors, gift tags, or to hang in a window.

Create your own colorful Christmas ornaments with the Wagner Furno heat gun and some peppermint candy.

Tools & Materials Needed:

  • Wagner FURNO Heat Gun
  • Various holiday cookie cutters
  • Peppermint starlight candies
  • Ice pick or bamboo skewer
  • Twine or ribbon for hanging


Place starlight candies inside the cookie cutters.

Candy starlight ornaments supplies


With the heat gun set on high, heat the candies while keeping the tip of the gun about 2 inches above the surface of the candy. Move the gun over the candy for 1–2 minutes until the candy begins to barely melt.

Heating candy starlight candies with a heat gun


Let the candy solidify in the cookie cutter for 10–20 minutes until fully cooled. Then, remove the newly formed candy ornament from the cookie cutter.


Heat the top of the ornament and use a skewer or ice pick to poke a hole through the ornament.

Making hole for candy ornaments


Let cool thoroughly again and hang with thread, ribbon, or twine.

Candy Starlight Ornaments

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