Burning Wood for Mini Christmas Trees

Learn how to burn wooden trees using the Wagner FURNO 300 heat gun to create unique, handmade holiday decor this holiday season.

Meg from Green With Decor used our FURNO 300 Heat Gun to burn wood for cute mini Christmas trees!

What you’ll need:

  • Wagner FURNO 300 Heat Gun
  • Saw
  • Small wood pieces
  • Heat resistant gloves
  • Bamboo craft sticks
  • Tin snips
  • A glue/adhesive that works on wood

Step 1:

Cut pieces of wood into small triangles.

Step 2:

Plug in your heat gun.

Step 3:

Turn your heat gun on. For burning wood, use the high heat setting.

Step 4:

Place the heat gun near your wood, continually moving it across the wood in the same direction as the wood grain.

Go back and forth over each piece.

Let your wood cool before touching it.

Step 5:

Turn the heat gun off, and unplug it. Let it cool before storing.

Step 6:

Line up your triangle wood pieces into Christmas trees. Cut your bamboo sticks to size to provide support along the backs of your trees.

Step 7:

Glue the bamboo sticks to the backs of your wood pieces.

Step 8:

Let the glue dry before you stand your trees up.

This sponsored post was created by Green With Decor. For more details on this project, head to Green With Decor’s post: How to burn wood: DIY Christmas trees.

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