Burned Wood Heart

Create a burned wood finish on this Toasted Cocoa Heart DIY Valentine’s Day project using cocoa powder and a Wagner heat gun.

Tools & Materials for Wood Burned Toasted Cocoa Heart


Place the wood heart flat on work surface. Mix the cocoa and some water together and brush on the wood surface.


With the heat gun on high, move the heat gun back and forth over the surface of the wood until the cocoa is toasted and the surface of the heart achieves your desired depth of color. About 3 minutes.

Hang the heart on a door window or cupboard

Use this non-toxic cocoa and water stain to transform any unfinished furniture. The heat from the gun creates a rich, deep patina that is transformed to a hardened stain. Top with matte clear coat sprayed on. Hang the heart on a door window or cupboard

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