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modern closet makeover

Budget-Friendly Closet Makeover

Check out this easy, budget-friendly closet makeover to add a modern look and more organization to your messy, outdated closet!



Hey everyone, this is Lindi from Love Create Celebrate. We have kicked off 2022 by organizing several spaces in our home, including this small closet, which had absolutely no organization or functional storage! From the beginning, we wanted this to be a budget-friendly transformation, including tools, storage, and accessories!

The closet was in desperate need of a refresh! We did our demo, fixed the textured finish to match the rest of the space, and gave it a much needed fresh coat of paint! Since it was a confined closet space, we opted to use the EZ roller from Wagner along with some leftover paint keep keep the job quick, and on budget.


before closet


after closet

Paint the walls using an EZ Roller

The EZ roller was easy to use, and was especially nice in this closet because we only had to fill up the roller with paint a couple of times! No going back and forth to paint cans! Plus it was really easy to clean, which is always important when you’re buying a tool to help save time.

closet makeover with ez roller

Add flooring and storage pieces

After the closet was refreshed, we added new flooring, some IKEA storage (a budget-friendly hack!), some hanging bars, and a DIY floating shelf!

closet makeover with shelving

Enjoy your new closet

This sponsored post was created by Love Create Celebrate. We shared the entire process of transforming this budget-friendly closet, including the IKEA hack, to our blog and YouTube channel. To see all of the details, visit our post and video tutorial at Love Create Celebrate! We also shared the full budget breakdown for those interested in seeing how we kept costs down.

closet after
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