Painted brick fireplace feature image

Brick Fireplace Redo

Brick wall redo with Wagner paint sprayer

Is your brick fireplace or wood stove wall looking a bit too Brady Bunch? Change it up with a quick spray of chalk paint using the Wagner Studio Pro or FLEXiO® 5000 sprayer. Both sprayers spray chalk paint with ease and can instantly bring your brick facade into the current decade.

Brick Painting with Studio Pro

To begin, cover the floor surround the brick facade with a drop cloth and use painter's tape to cover corners and items you want to keep paint-free. Then, clean off the brick with a whisk broom and vacuum crevices to remove all loose dirt and dust.

Brick Fireplace before

Fill the front end of the paint sprayer with the paint color of your choice. We used Annie Sloan chalk paint in Paris Grey.

Sprayer filled and ready to paint brick

Begin close to the ceiling and spray in a horizontal pattern from left to right, keeping the sprayer about three inches away from the surface. Repeat and overlap to cover thoroughly.

Spraying brick wall with Wagner paint sprayer

To paint the surface of the floor, hold the paint sprayer downward at a 45 degree angle. Once all brick surfaces are covered, let dry and then decorate to match your decor theme.

Painted brick with Wagner Sprayer

Brick Fireplace redo close up

Painted Fireplace brick

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