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Finished Stenciled Board

Board No More

Dress up an entryway, porch or front door with rustic boards painted with stylish winter icons.



Old barn floor boards gain new life as decorative planks with paint, stencils and the FLEXiO 3000.


Clean Boards

Clean and wash all boards, especially if you plan on displaying them indoors. Let them sit overnight or until thoroughly dry.

prepare boards

Prepare Stencils

Assemble your stencils. Wood or mylar stencils both work well with the sprayer. Position the stencils on the board, masking off any areas you wish to keep free of paint.

decorating ideas for entry hall

Tape Around Stencils to Protect from Overspray

Use painter's tape and 3M Tape and Drape to protect areas surrounding your stencil. Layer tape so that edges are sealed and protected from any overspray.

cover areas not to be painted

Set Sprayer to correct setting

Set the FLEXiO to the lowest spray setting and turn the sprayer nozzle to a horizontal spray.


Begin Spraying

Hold the FLEXiO 4-6 inches from the surface of the board while spraying, lightly gliding from left to right over the stencil.

how to decorate a entryway

Remove Stencil

After spraying, remove the stencil immediately. Carefully remove any painter's tape. Let dry thoroughly.

remove stencil

Display and Decorate

Once your project is dry, place it in your desired location and decorate around it for a festive and stylish display.

Finished Stenciled Board
Products Used


White Latex Paint

Salvaged Barn Boards

Winter-Themed Stencil

Push Pins

3M Tape and Drape

Painter's Tape

Cleaning Supplies

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