2019 Wagner Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift for the DIYer in your life by checking out our Wagner holiday gift guide! It's filled with gift ideas for homeowners and handymen.

The holiday season has arrived! We want to help you find the perfect holiday gift for him or her this year so we created a gift guide filled with amazing Wagner products and tools for the DIYer in your life.

FURNO Heat Guns

Do you have a loved one who’s always tackling home improvement projects? Then they will love receiving a FURNO heat gun as a gift this holiday season! It will be the hottest tool on their workbench.

There are three different models to choose from, each with their own unique capabilities:

  • FURNO 300: Two temperature settings (750°F and 1100°F) to complete basic projects
  • FURNO 500: LED screen and 12 temperature settings ranging from 150°F to 1200°F for more versatility
  • FURNO 700: LCD screen and temperature settings range from 125°F - 1300°F in 10 degree increments for precise heat output. Also includes two nozzles

The FURNO heat guns have over 101 uses, including removing paint and flooring, bending plastic, and thawing pipes. It’s the perfect gift for someone who has a lot of projects to do around the house.

HT400 Heat Gun

The HT400 heat gun is a great gift idea for crafters who need another tool to add to their crafting arsenal! This little gadget is ideal for embossing, shrink wrapping, melting candles and so much more.

FLEXiO Paint Sprayers

The Wagner FLEXiO paint sprayers are the ultimate tool for homeowners who want to paint their walls, fence, deck, kitchen cabinets, furniture, trim and more! If you want to give a present that will get a lot of use, then the FLEXiO paint sprayers are a great option.

Wagner Control Pro 130 paint sprayer

Your family member will be overjoyed when they tear into the Control Pro 130 paint sprayer. This innovative tool is great for saving time when painting large projects such as home exteriors, staining large decks, fences and more.

The Control Pro 130 uses High Efficiency Airless (HEA) technology to produce 55% less overspray than traditional airless sprayers which means easier preparation, quick clean up, and less paint or stain used.

We hope you enjoyed these Wagner holiday gift ideas! Indulge the DIYer or handyman in your life and present them with a Wagner gift this holiday season. It’ll fit perfectly wrapped up under your holiday tree.

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