On-Demand 915 Power Steamer

    • Large pressurized boiler holds up to 48 fl. oz. water
    • Up to 45 minutes of run time
    • 8-foot steam hose
    • Integrated Carry Handle
    • LED Indicator Lights
    • Includes Utility Brushes and 2 Extension Tubes
    • Fill Funnel & Measuring Cup
    • Trigger ON-DEMAND control for continuous or intermittent steam
    • Wheels for mobility
    • Jet nozzle for concentrated steam
    • Wallpaper steam plate
    • Floor Cleaning Pad & Window/Tile Squeegee attachments for a variety of cleaning projects
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                          915 On-Demand Steamer

                          Remove wallpaper, and much more! This powerful steamer can be used in every room of the house. 

                          The 915 Power Steamer is great at removing wallpaper, and is also a versatile system that allows you to quickly clean and sanitize your home. The powerful steamer can clean grimy barbeque grills, greasy stovetops, bathroom fixtures, floors, and much more.

                          The 915 Power Steamer is a pressurized steam system that supplies steam at the touch of a button, and is Wagner's most powerful wallpaper remover.  It cleans without chemicals, and will never leave a messy residue. 

                          Integrated Carry Handle
                          Fill Funnel
                          Wheels for mobility
                          Trigger ON-DEMAND Control
                          Jet nozzle for concentrated steam
                          48 fluid oz. water reservoir
                          8-foot steam hose
                          LED Indicator Lights
                          Wallpaper steamplate for wallpaper removal
                          Up to 45 minutes of run time
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