HT775 Heat Gun

    • Adjustable temperature: 750°F - 1000°F
    • Industrial, die-cast metal housing
    • Integrated stand for hands-free operation
    • Ergonomic cool-touch handle
    • Cool-down setting
    • Replaceable heating element
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The HT775 is the most powerful heat gun in Wagner's collection. It produces 1680 Watts and 5700 BTUs with a variable temperature setting from 750° F to 1000° F. The tool is constructed with a die-cast metal housing and a replaceable heating element so it can withstand the rigor of professional use.

Ideal for removing multiple types of paint and adhesive flooring, loosening rusted bolts, thawing frozen pipes and much more.


  • Soften paint, caulking and putty for easier removal
  • Soften adhesives to help remove floor tiles
  • Bend plastic pipes
  • Shrink tubing for electrical work
  • Shrink plastic film for wrapping or weatherproofing
  • Loosen rusted nuts, bolts and fittings
A fan-only, cool-down setting
Variable Temperature Settings 750°F - 1000°F
Ergonomic cool-touch handle
Replaceable heating element
Industrial, die-cast metal housing
Integrated stand for hands-free operation
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