• Quick Touch motor control to effortless apply the paint to the roller
    • 22 oz. applicator for greater mobility and no back bending trips to tray
    • Manual overide for more control and flexibility
    • 9" roller, spatter shield, can lid, suction tube, 4AA batteries included
    • Batteries last up to 15 gallons for work on multiple projects
    • Paint up to 70 sq ft on one fill
    • Easily reaches 8' ceilings so you can avoid climbing up a ladder
    • Latex and oil-based paints
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A new, fresh look to any room starts with quality paint and the Wagner TurboRoll. Complete the project much faster, so you have time to enjoy the finished work.

The TurboRoll is Wagner's latest innovation in powered painting. The new, revolutionary TurboRoll battery powered roller is an all-in-one roller and paint container.

The incorporated paint tube holds enough paint to paint an area 7 x 10 on one fill, reducing the number of back-bending trips back and forth to the paint tray. Paint is effortlessly supplied to the roller cover with the push of the power button. Powered by 4-AA batteries the TurboRoll will paint up to 15 gallons on one set of batteries. Manual override feature for powered or manual use. For medium-sized painting projects that require extra reach.

Quick-Touch motor control
22 fl. oz. covers up to 70-square-feet in one fill
Battery-operated pump system (Batteries Included) - lasts up to 15 gallons
Manual Override Lever
Splatter Guard for painting ceilings
Easy Fill Valve - includes fill tube and standard paint can lid
9" nap knit roller cover for smooth surfaces
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