D800 Disinfectant Sprayer

$ 549.99
The Wagner D800 High Efficiency Airless sprayer features a cart design that can be used to quickly and easily disinfect medium to large areas such as multi-bathrooms, large office spaces, gym spaces/locker rooms and other public areas. The sprayer ensures complete, even coverage on hard surfaces and provides confidence in your disinfecting efforts.

The sprayer pulls material directly from a 1 or 5 gallon container, allowing for continuous disinfecting of large areas. It features a 50 ft. hose and 18 in. extension wand to easily disinfect big spaces like a room or public space, plus allow easily maneuverability around furniture or reach tall areas. The sprayer’s portable cart design makes it easy to be wheeled to different locations.


Wagner Disinfectant Sprayer Series Video
Wagner Disinfectant Sprayer Series Video Video


  • Ideal for sanitizing medium to large sized spaces
  • Sprays 0.29 gal/min to provide fast, even coverage on hard surfaces
  • Disinfect two stall bathroom in minutes
  • Disinfectant spray tip designed to spray optimal micron size droplets (45 micron rating) for most effective sanitizing and disinfecting results
  • Pulls directly from 1 or 5 gal buckets of solution
  • 50’ hose with optional 50’ hose extension available
  • Cart design provides maximum portability around cleaning site
  • 18” extension wand for increased reach and user distance from spray
  • Compatible with water based disinfectant and sanitizers only
  • Uses High Efficiency Airless technology for advanced spraying control and reduced material waste
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