ProCoat Professional Paint Sprayer

    • Variable pressure selector provides adjustment for project and material use
    • Garden hose adapter for fast flush clean up
    • Direct draw from 1-gallon can
      * or 5-gallon pail
    • 515 reversible tip for a perfect finish
    • Airless spray hose for multi-story reach
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Great for whole house painting yet simple enough for sheds, fences, and decks, the Wagner ProCoat is a 2800-psi electric piston pump paint sprayer with variable pressure control that produces the same great finish found on professional sprayers with features designed for you, the homeowner. And cleaning up is a snap. Simply connect a garden hose to the inlet for a quick flush cleaning of the entire system in less than 10 minutes.

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Pressure Control Knob - Prime or Spray
Direct draw from 1-gallon can*or 5-gallon pail
VersaTip Spray Tip .515 - wide & narrow
35-Foot Hose
Spray Tip Storage Area
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