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Control Pro 130 Power Tank Sprayer

$ 259.99
The new Control Pro 130 Power Tank is ideal for big interior and exterior jobs and can be used with a wide range of unthinned paints and stains. It takes the intimidation out of airless spraying with fast and easy set up and unmatched control, all while delivering continuous painting and fast coverage. The Control Pro 130 is perfect for painting the exterior of your home, staining a large deck, and more.

It is gravity fed for fast, no mess priming and cleaning. The spray gun also features High Efficiency Airless technology that creates soft fan pattern edges so you can achieve a smooth, consistent finish without splatter or gaps.

This Wagner airless paint sprayer produces up to 55% less overspray than traditional airless sprayers which means easier preparation, quick clean up, and less paint or stain used.


Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer
Control Pro 130 Power Tank Paint Sprayer Video
Control Pro 130 Setup
Control Pro 130 Setup Video


  • Gravity fed for fast, no mess priming and cleaning
  • Holds up to 1.5 gallons of material right in the tank for continuous painting
  • Covers 8' x 10' wall in 2 minutes
  • 515 HEA Spray Tip puts out a 10 inch spray pattern and is great for latex paints
  • 25 foot hose for easy, two-story reach
  • Long hose allows movement flexibility and great for when working on a ladder
  • Spill resistant lid keeps debris out of paint and is easy to move around projects
  • Equipped with integrated handles and tip storage
  • Simply rinse and flush the system for quick cleanup


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Best Used On:

Large Fence/Deck, and Exterior House/Shed

Optimal For

Exterior Latex, Interior Latex, Wood Sealers, Lacquers / Urethanes, and Solid Stain

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