FLEXiO Paint Sprayer

Finish your painting project fast with Wagner’s most flexible and powerful DIY sprayer

  • 10X faster than a brush
  • Sprays paints and stains right from the can
  • More paint control for less mess
  • Great for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Quick and easy cleanup
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Why Use a Paint Sprayer

Using a FLEXiO paint sprayer provides you a faster way to a better finish for your painting projects. FLEXiO delivers a consistent finish from the start to the end of your project. Ten times faster than a brush you will get your painting done faster and back to doing the things you love. The user focused controls and design make it easy and requires less effort. Say goodbye to old-fashioned brush and rollers, it's time for a smarter way to paint.

More control- put the paint where you want it

FLEXiO paint sprayers give you ultimate control, for putting the paint where you want it. The adjustable nozzle allows you to choose between horizontal or vertical adjustment and toggle between wide and narrow spray options. iSpray technology gives you the power to change the material and air flow to give you the exact finish for each of your projects.

Spray unthinned paints both indoor & outdoor

The X-Boost Turbine gives you the power to spray unthinned paint. FLEXiO high-volume, low-pressure sprayers are designed to be flexible to your painting needs including projects both inside and out.

Easy 5 minute cleanup

Once you have completed your project FLEXiO sprayers are quick and easy to cleanup in just 5 minutes. With LockN'Go technology simply detach the front end from the turbine and rinse the parts clean with soapy water.

Find the paint sprayer that is right for you.

Tips & Tricks


  • Prep before you start. Cover floors and furniture with a drop cloth. Pre-taped poly film is a great quick way to protect trim and windows. Click here for tips & tricks for masking a room.
  • Use the right coating. A flat paint provides deep color; a glossy paint is easy to wipe stains from.
  • Do a couple practice sprays on the spray poster included with your FLEXiO. Keep sparyer 6-8" away from the surface.
  • Spray with smooth strokes, either up-and-down or left-to-right. Overlap each pass by 50%.


  • Remove debris and dirt. Consider using a pressure washer, but stay at least 12" away to avoid damaging your surface.
  • Cover plants and brushes with a drop cloth.
  • Tape and cover any surfaces not being painted (windows, trim, etc.)
  • Spray in smooth strokes. Follow the grain of your surfaces: vertical for fences, horizontal for siding.
  • Keep sprayer 6-8" away from the surface.


How to Stain a Deck

Taking care of your deck will extend how much use you can get from it. Power washing and staining can add years to an already highly useful area.

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