Flexio 570 Disinfectant Sprayer - Reconditioned

$ 69.99
The reconditioned FLEXiO 570 sprayer is a handheld sprayer that can be used to quickly and easily disinfect bathrooms, locker rooms, office spaces, and other public areas. The sprayer ensures complete, even coverage to thoroughly disinfect hard surfaces.

  • This sprayer is for use with water based disinfectants. Always wear the proper PPE and follow safety instructions when spraying disinfectant materials.
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    Wagner paint sprayers can be used to spray disinfectant
    Wagner paint sprayers can be used to spray disinfectant Video


    • Great for spraying disinfectant on public areas
    • Applies complete, consistent, even coverage quickly
    • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
    • Adjustable settings to suit cleaning needs
    • For use with water based disinfectant only
    • Cup feed system perfect for small surfaces and objects
    • Please reference safety and warning information PDF
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