Flexio 2100 Handheld Sprayer

$ 214.98
The Wagner FLEXiO 2100 paint sprayer takes the work out of a wide range of indoor and outdoor painting and staining projects like decks, fences, furniture, cabinets and more.


    The X-Boost turbine produces unmatched power with two control settings for ideal coverage.

    It also produces the power to spray paint right from the can, including paint-and-primer in one coatings.

    The user-friendly adjustments result in complete control and consistent coverage.

    The sprayer features the innovative iSpray nozzle, which delivers a professional finish, spraying broad surfaces like walls, decks, and fences.

    It also includes a Detail Finish nozzle, which is ideal for applying a fine finish on cabinets, trim and more.

    To make your project even easier, the sprayer comes with 5 cup liners for easy clean-up.

    The FLEXiO 2100 paint sprayer is a great option to have handy for your next home improvement project.
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