Control Spray 250 Sprayer

$ 89.99
The Control Spray 250 is a staining and finishing sprayer for small to medium sized projects.

It has the power and control to cut time out of staining projects like fences, railings, furniture and trim while keeping the mess down.

With simple adjustments, it can spray transparent to solid stains and many furniture paints with speed and efficiency.


Control Spray 250 Overview
Control Spray 250 Overview Video
Control Spray 250 Setup
Control Spray 250 Setup  Video


  • Apply stain on an 8’ x 10’ area in less than two minutes
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy maneuvering around projects
  • Control Finish nozzle sprays a smooth and consistent coverage
  • Sprays stains, lacquers and some paints (thinning may be required)
  • Pattern adjustment can be horizontal, vertical and narrow round
  • Adjustable paint flow to match covering speed and project size


Best Used On:

Small Craft Object, Furniture, Small Fence/Deck, and Large Fence/Deck

Optimal For

Wood Sealers, Chalk/Milk Paints, Lacquers / Urethanes, and Transparent / Semi-Transparent Stain

How to Re-Stain a Deck with a Sprayer

Learn how to restain a small deck or patio using a Control Spray 250 stain sprayer to get a super smooth finish with no brush marks!

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