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Press Release

Wagner SprayTech Launches High Performing Furno Heat Guns

furno heat guns

New heat tools combine greater accuracy with modern design and digital capabilities

MINNEAPOLIS— September 16, 2016 — Wagner SprayTech, a market leader in painting applicators and preparation tools, announced today four new heat gun models: FURNO™ 300, FURNO™ 500, FURNO™ 700 and FURNO™ 750. With updated, easy-to-read interfaces and precise temperature settings, the heat guns offer the broadest temperature range available today, including the hottest (1300F) with the FURNO 700 and 750. They also feature new safety features and ergonomic designs for better balance and comfort.

“Our research indicates that 57 percent of consumers buy a heat gun to tackle a specific project, but within a year, they use it for two to three additional projects around the home,” said Jon Beaton, product director Wagner. “Wagner is the leading provider of heat tools in North America, and these new heat guns make it easier than ever to accurately control the heat, so you can complete tasks faster and more efficiently.” Heat guns are must-have tools for every household with an extensive range of uses for removing, repairing, and shaping, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Home improvement projects, such as removing old paint or floor coverings, defrosting frozen pipes, bending plastic pipes, and drying filler
  • Automotive applications like window tinting, removal of stickers and emblems, dent removal and the restoration of plastic trim
  • Art and craft projects, such as candle making, shrink wrapping and embossing
  • Sports equipment maintenance, like waxing skis and snowboards
  • Electronic thermal repairs such as screen repair on smartphones and tablets, or re-soldering gaming consoles

The new Wagner FURNO heat guns redefine the user experience for comfort, usability and safety. The guns have side supports to prevent the hot nozzle from touching surfaces when set down. They also have integrated stands for safe, upright, hands-free operation. All FURNO models have adjustable temperatures and air flow settings, and a hanging loop for storage.

This dual temp heat gun is designed for small projects and occasional use with two temperature settings 750°F and 1,100°F, controllable via a slide switch. The FURNO 300 is an affordable tool suitable for many heating applications. MSRP is $24.99. Watch a video of the FURNO 300 here.

The FURNO 500 heat gun takes the guesswork out of common applications with an LED push-button display that shows temperature and fan settings at a glance. The temperature can be adjusted at 12 settings between 150°F to 1,200°F, and there are two fan settings for optimum heat control. The cooldown mode safely reduces the temperature and prolongs the ceramic element’s life. Accessories with the FURNO 500 include the flare nozzle and a glass protection nozzle. MSRP is $34.99. Watch a video of the FURNO 500 here.

The FURNO 700 has 117 temperature settings and five fan speeds for exact temperature control between 125°F to 1,300°F. A push-button control allows the user to precisely set the temperature, which is easily read on the digital LCD display. A memory function ensures the last temperature and fan settings are saved, and a cool-down mode safely reduces the temperature and prolongs the ceramic element’s life. It includes a flare nozzle and a glass protection nozzle. MSRP is $59.99. Watch a video of the FURNO 700 here.

The FURNO 750 is the ultimate heat gun kit, suitable for both frequent use and specialist projects. It has all of the same features and benefits of the FURNO 700, and includes added accessories of a curved deflector nozzle and a concentrator nozzle, a 5-in-1 painter’s tool, and case for organization, storage, and hands free operation away from a flat surface. MSRP is $69.99. Watch a video of the FURNO 750 here.

Wagner FURNO heat guns are now available nationwide at Home Depot and They will be available at Menards in October 2016 and at Lowes in January 2017. MSRPs range from $24.99 to $69.99.

About Wagner SprayTech
Established in 1973, Minneapolis-based Wagner SprayTech Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wagner Holding, Inc. A long-standing industry leader, Wagner SprayTech develops, manufactures and markets a wide array of paint sprayers, applicators and decorating products for home improvement, commercial painting and industrial fine finishing. With a legacy of product innovation, advanced engineering, quality manufacturing and exceptional customer service, Wagner products make it easier and faster to prepare surfaces, apply paints and other coatings, and clean up when the job is done. For more information, visit, or follow @WagnerSprayTech on Twitter.

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