FLEXiO Air Filter

Air Filter for the Flexio 570, 590, and 990.  Order Two for your Sprayer.

P/N 2331571


HVLP Air Filter

Wagner accessories and replacement parts keep your unit working better, increasing your efficiency and productivity. This replacement air filter is made to fit the Wagner Control Spray Max, PaintReady System, MotoCoat and Flexio 690.

(Qty. 2)

P/N 2307279


Control Spray Double Duty/ Paint Ready Air Filter

Replacement Air Filter for the Control Spray, Control Spray Double Duty and PaintREADY

P/N 0417323


Control Finish Nozzle Air Cap

Air Cap for the Control Spray and Fine Spray Nozzles

P/N 0414368


Flexio Nozzle Gasket

Nozzle Replacement Gasket works on the iSpray Front, Flexio and PaintREADY Units

P/N 0417465


Flexio Spray Jet Kit

The Spray Jet Replacement Kit is for All Flexio Units

P/N 0529225


Flexio Nozzle

The Yellow Nozzle is for all Flexio and PaintREADY units

P/N 2343747


Flexio Check Valve Kit

Check Valve Kit for all iSpray and Detail Front Ends. (Flexio & PaintReady Sprayers) 

P/N 0529005


Replacement Cup

1.5 Qt. Replacement Cup for the PaintReady & Flexio Units

P/N 2303366


Air Cap

Home Décor Sprayer

P/N 2359868


Nozzle Cover

NP/N 2305131





Connecting nut

P/N 2318517



Suction Tube

P/N 2305732


Sprayer gun assembly

P/N 2358766