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Josef Wagner & Wagner History

  • March 10, 1907 - Josef Wagner was born into a family of nine children who worked on a farm at Hausen, near Augsburg, Germany
  • 1929-1932 - Josef studied motor vehicle and aircraft design at State Technical College in Constance, Germany, as well as electrical engineering at the State Technical College in Augsburg.
  • 1936 - His professional career began when he joined world famous airplane makers, Messerschmitt-Flugzeugwerke
  • May 1945 - Josef became self-employed in Friedrichshafen, Germany, which was largely destroyed after WWII, where he reconditioned and sold damaged machinery in an old shed
  • 1953 - Josef developed an electrical paint-spraying tool for skilled contractors and homeowners; this was the humble start of the Wagner company, entered into the Commercial Register as Wagner Vertriebsges
  • 1965 - The company began developing/producing airless high-pressure paint spraying equipment for painters, decorators, and industrial paint shops
  • Mid-1970’s – After growing to be Europe’s largest maker of airless paint spraying equipment, the company designed and started producing electrostatic paint spraying and powder coating equipment
  • 1973 – Wagner’s first wholly-owned foreign subsidiary was relocated from Lucerne to Altstatten in the Swiss Rhine Valley
  • 1975 – Josef transferred the majority of share capital to a Swiss foundation to serve charitable and public welfare purposes
  • 1978 – Wagner opened its own U.S. manufacturing plant, after setting up a distributing subsidiary in Plymouth, MN in 1972

SprayTech History

  • October 1970 – Spray Tech Corporation was founded to import, distribute, and service high-pressure airless paint spray equipment
  • 1972 – Original founders of SprayTech sold the company to J. Wagner GmbH of Germany, who was their major source of supply
  • 1973 – Manufacturing began
  • November 2013 – Wagner acquires Earlex Limited
  • Today – Wagner has 5 worldwide manufacturing facilities as well as worldwide product distribution centers

Wagner Today

  • Today, Wagner SprayTech Corp. is referred to as just Wagner to refute the implication of selling only spray equipment, as we are participating in the broader painting and decorating business as well.
  • We now have full research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. Wagner develops and markets a wide array of painting and decorating products. Our products and services are designed to make it easier for the end user to either prepare, apply or clean up painting tasks.
  • The technical and financial support obtained from Wagner has enabled the company to expand and become a market leader in the painting and decorating business around the world.

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