Home Decor Sprayer and Tent

  • Spray Tent

    • Contains paint overspray for upcycling furniture projects
    • Lightweight for easy mobility
    • Liquid resistant bottom for simple cleanup
    • 2-pols design; setup in 5 minutes
    • 59" Depth X 81" Wide X 53" Height

    Home Décor Sprayer

    • Sprays chalk-type, milk and other decorative paints (thinning may be required) as well as stains, sealers and lacquers
    • It's easy to use, just fill and paint
    • Creates a smooth finish with no brush marks.  Saves time versus hand painting


Home Décor Sprayer and Tent Combo Kit

Painting inside your dining room or outside in the grass, the Studio Spray Tent contains paint overspray allowing you to keep your work area clean while keeping dirt and leaves off your project until dry.

The Wagner Spray Tent comes with a sewn-in liquid resistant bottom eliminating  the need for an additional drop cloth.

The Studio Spray tent can be setup in 5 minutes and packs into a small carry bag (included) for easy transportation and storage. 

Wagner Product videos
  • Wagner - Tent and Sprayer

    Home Décor Sprayer

    Spraying Furniture

    Spraying Small Objects

Additional Sprayers
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Coffee Table

Coffee Table

With an even coat of paint from the Home Décor Sprayer, a beat up, brown coffee table can be reborn as a luminous focal point for displaying flowers, books, and personal collections.

Tailgate Picnic Ready

Tailgate Picnic Ready

Employ the Wagner Home Décor Sprayer to transform baskets, thrift store picnic tables, and all kinds of boxes and containers that can hold team supplies.