FLEXiO 990 Paint Sprayer

    • Innovative Peristaltic Pump
      Draws paint or stain from container
    • Revolutionary iSpray® Technology
      Provides maximum control with full coverage
    • Powerful X-Boost Turbine
      Sprays any coating, including unthinned paint
    • Extended hose for 2-story reach
      Spray indoors or out
    • Complete adjustability of power, flow rate and pattern
    • Includes 2 nozzles and cups
      For project flexibility
    • Up to 9 gallons per hour production
    • Lock-n-Go split-gun design for quick change
      Change and easy clean-up
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FLEXiO 990 Sprayer

The FLEXiO® 990 is an indoor/outdoor portable spray system that pulls paint directly from the container, allowing you to paint longer and faster. The innovative peristaltic pump feeds paint directly to the spray gun saving you the time and mess of constant refilling.

The exclusive X-Boost® Turbine provides the power for full coverage with adjustable control and low overspray while the iSpray® Nozzle sprays unthinned residential paint for broad surfaces indoor and out.

The FLEXiO 990 delivers contractor performance such as spraying up to 9 gallons per hour and an extended reach. Features like the one-touch set up and hands free cleaning make the 990 DIY friendly. With air power, flow and pattern adjustments, the FLEXiO 990 is perfect for 2-story homes, full interior remodels and outdoor projects.

The iSpray nozzle sprays unthinned residential paints for broad surfaces both indoors and out. The detail finish nozzle is ideal for small projects and fine finishing.

The FLEXiO Sprayer produces a slightly stippled, roller-like finish, perfect for interior walls. Edges, corners and broad interior surfaces can now be sprayed faster for better coverage and with some basic masking, you are saved from the tedious efforts of a brush, saving time for other projects.

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X-Boost® Turbine -adjustable control, full coverage, & low overspray
Extended Hose to reach 2-stories
Innovative Peristaltic Pump - Direct feed from 1-5 gal. container
Pattern Adjustment Ring - horizontal & vertical
X-Boost® Power Dial - For different material thickness
Spray Width Lever - wide & narrow
Material Flow Control
Lock-n-Go® split gun design
iSpray® Nozzle - For broad surfaces & light texture finishing
Includes Control Finish Nozzle & 28 Fluid oz. cup
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